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Courage Activate: CAPE Curriculum Bundle Package
  • Complete Online Elementary & Secondary Education CAPE Curriculum: Instructional Comprehensive Curriculum for Elementary & Secondary Education [Physical Teacher’s Guide and Digital & Access Code(s) for Videos and Interactive Activities]
  • Two Sets of 'Feisty Four' Anchor Text Books - (Parent/Teacher Paperback edition and Student Hardback edition)
  • COURAGEous Students– COURAGEous Schools (Wellness journal for teachers and students)


  • Superhero Capes of Courage 2 Adult sizes / 24 Children’s Sizes (in various sizes)
  • Oreo the Classroom Mascot
  • 1 Pre-scheduled Meet the Author Day/Interactive Read Along via Zoom (30 day notice required)


* Bundle can be customized for your needs. Please contact us at

Courage Activate: CAPE Curriculum Bundle Package

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