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Kids’n Capes, Inc. works to ensure the safety of children in our local communities and communities around the globe.

This is accomplished through our advocacy, education, literacy and intervention programs.

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Books for the Beat™ Community Policing & Reading Initiative

Books for the Beat™ Community Policing & Reading Initiative, is a unique initiative designed to bridge literacy and law enforcement. While officers are working their beat, they can build trust and help foster an appreciation for reading. 


Books from the Feisty Four Children’s Book Series, C.A.P.E. Curriculum and superhero capes will be provided for children and community police officers. Literacy and advocacy are the foundation for Books for the Beat, which is designed to enhance the community policing experience for both officers and youth.


Designated officers will issue a good “Reading Ticket” when students participate in officer led interactive read alouds, read at home and improve reading performance in school. When students reach these simple goals,  they’ll receive a book and a cape!   

Interactive Read Alouds

Interactive read alouds are for children pre-school through fifth-grade. Average time w/ activity is 20 minutes for read aloud and activity.  You can also download the read aloud video from our store.

Courageous Conversations with Kandra ™

Real life scenarios that spark courageous conversations and help middle and high school students become proactive thinkers in uncertain situations.

Courage Ambassador's Program (CAP) - Coming Fall 2020!


This exciting online program is for community stakeholder 16 and up. Ambassadors will undergo a background screening, participate in a 3.5 hour training session in which they will be trained on the five steps of sexual abuse prevention, bullying prevention and peer pressure resistance. In addition, participants will be trained on how to facilitate an online read aloud with a "live" audience via Facebook/IG or Twitter.


The Courage Activate Tool Kit for ambassadors will include the following items:

  • Branded KNC Polo (to wear during Live recording sessions

  • Signature teal cape

  • Parent/educator edition of all four books in Feisty Four Children’s Book Series 

  • Promotional cards to complement each book w/ conversation points to cover

  • Branded backdrop to help ensure band awareness and consistency


Contact us TODAY for additional information regarding this exciting opportunity to become a Courage Ambassador and help to protect children around the globe!

Darkness to Light Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Stakeholders 16 and up can participate in the two-hour training session in which they will be learn the five steps of sexual abuse prevention. The Darkness to light training session can be used for continuing education units.



"The session was incredible! The students responded appropriately and it reinforced the importance of children being able to identify their safe zones and tell an adult if that place is violated." ~ Brianna Young, Program Director - Kids Count in Alachua County, Inc. 

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