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About Kids'n Capes

Kids’n Capes, Inc. is a sustainable non-profit that serves as a catalyst to community members, donors and organizations to help prevent and raise awareness of childhood sexual abuse, bullying and illegal drug use, early on. 


This is accomplished through our community-based, cross-generational advocacy, education, literacy and intervention programs.


Kids'n Capes, Inc

Kids'n Capes, Inc. is a 501(3)(c) that accepts donations of any amount to support and encourage our COURAGEOUSLY amazing kids and adults.

Kids'n Capes, Inc

We have volunteer and internship opportunities available. Please see our contact page for more information on becoming a volunteer!

Kids'n Capes, Inc

Our goal is to educate, empower, and strengthen the community involvement to create intervention programs against sexual abuse, bullying, and illegal drug use.

Our annual goal is to reach 1,000 children and adults with our COURAGEous message of awareness and prevention. Together we can make our communities a safe place for children to learn, play and SOAR!



"The session was incredible! The students responded appropriately and it reinforced the importance of children being able to identify their safe zones and tell an adult if that place is violated."  ~ Brianna Young, Program Director - Kids Count in Alachua County, Inc. 

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